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Scale & Proportion

I want to talk a bout scale and proportions in your interiors. I follow this interior design group on Facebook and I see a lot of people asking for design advice and they show a photo of their space and it’s just wrong. The biggest error I always see in these spaces is the scale and proportions of art and rugs. Now what exactly is scale and proportions?

Scale in interior design refers to how big or small objects are in relation to the room they are in, and how they relate to the people using the space. Proportion in interior design refers to the balance between design elements including size, shape, color and texture.

Let’s talk about rugs. Do people not like rugs!? I see more people without a rug asking how they can make a space pop? Add a rug! There are so many wonderful rugs out there that will add that pop that you need. Not only are they decorative they absorb sound and help soften the space you’re in. Now those who do have rugs have rugs that are not the right size.

9 times out of 10 the rug is usually too small. I’ve never seen someone with a rug that was too big. Now I know that rugs can be expensive but they are a great investment! Safavieh has great rugs at great prices on Amazon, Wayfair and Target. Roll into a Ross a d you can find large rugs there at affordable prices. Also make sure to get a carpet pad to go underneath the rug to add to the softness of the rug and to keep it in place.

Next up is art and mirrors. Having the art or mirrors in a space where it is too small become more of an eyesore than it is to have nothing there. You want to make sure it is in proportion to your furniture.

Art should take up at least 50 to 60% of the wall. If you have smaller pieces then you should group them with other items or find another space for them. When in doubt go big. I know I'm a Texan and we belive bigger is better and in this case I will have to agree.

As always if you need any help with the design of any space please reach out and let House Jefe go on the design journey with you!

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