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Does Wearing Makeup Make You Look More Professional?

I struggled with this all throughout my career. My boss was a stickler on appearances. I mean most corporate professionals are. You are expected to present yourself in a certain way. Your appearance is the first thing that people see and I get mixed reviews sometimes on whether or not makeup is necessary. Don't get me wrong make-up was my first love. The only thing my mother and I fought over growing up was me wearing too much makeup in middle school. I was more into lipstick, eyeshadows and liners. I didn't start to wear foundation until I was 25.

As I became more comfortable at work I stopped wearing make-up everyday. Especially if I was just going to spend the day sitting at my desk. People rarely came into the office. Now if I knew I had a presentation that day I was definitely putting my face on. My work is still the same or maybe even better without my makeup on. I don't have to worry about smearing my makeup or feeling too cute to do anything lol! Sometimes I really take my time and do my makeup really good and I'm just too done up for the day.

I even struggled with showing up on social media. I was like do I need to be done up every time I want to do a reel?? It was feeling more like a production. I need to show myself in the best way possible. Absolutely not happening. I am usually working from home in my pajamas with no makeup on. That is just my reality.

People will judge you based off of your appearance whether you have your face on or not. I feel prepared and put together either way and at the end of the day it is up to you. You are in control of your narrative and how people see you. I am more than my appearance. I am not the designer with makeup and a outfit for the gram, who has everything together and perfect everyday. I may need a hat and some chapstick some days, somedays I don't want to show my face or I have a full face and a cute outfit. The days are never the same and I'm okay with that and I am okay sharing my true self with my clients and followers!

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