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Design Timelines

Can you do this in 2 weeks? How long is this going to take? These are the questions I always get asked. Now don't get me wrong a deadline is a deadline. I strive to do my best with the time and resources that I have. With that being said this blog post is a topic that I must share with everyone!

As I embarked on my design business I did a lot of research and read alot of blogs and I came across Blakely Interiors. She had a project planner that I downloaded and one of the slides is the photo for this blog post. It says you can pick any two options between good, fast, and cheap. So you can either get good and fast but it won't be cheap. Fast and cheap but it won't be good or cheap and good but it won't be fast.

A lot of people are looking for the cheap and fast option and expecting it to be good but it doesn't always work like that. Just like when you are looking to make a big purchase you have to invest time in the research, and your options.

For Interior Design there is a lot of decisions to make and a lot of options to consider. Every nightstand or bookcase won't fit every house because dimensions rule. You have to find the right item or get custom items. That takes time. Finding items that are actually in stock that are very specific is challenging. Your right now options may not be the best options but because you may want or need it fast that's all we are left with.

Despite the limits I do accept the challenge of creating magic no matter the circumstances. I feel that it is the beauty of the entire process. I just feel like those who know nothing about the process or who think everything happens overnight should be aware of what all it takes to get the final result that you are looking for and nothing turns out as great as it could or should be when you rush. Take your time and do it right if given the opportunity!

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