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Candis Garcia - Owner

Meet Interior Designer
Candis Garcia

    My goal as an Interior Designer is to provide nourishment to the soul by applying design principles and elements to create surroundings with purpose, meaning, and character for each user to experience.

     I grew up an Army Brat and had the opportunity to move around a lot early on in life. I was born in Pine Bluff Arkansas and our last stop as a family was Prince George's County Maryland aka "Pretty Girl County." My Fabulous mother always had a flair for decorating she really made any space we had feel like a home, so it was natural for me to be inspired by her, but it wasn't until I played the game the SIMS over summer break in my early teenage years when I realized I had an interest in Interior Design. I always wanted to get the most money to buy all the expensive things for my house. It made the game more fun! Even though I liked Interior Design I never thought it could be my career.

    I began my college journey attending a Historically Black University called UMES where I was following the dreams of someone else and pursuing a degree in nursing. After only a year I decided that nursing was not for me so I left UMES and continued working in Retail. I worked my way up from Cashier, to Front End Supervisor at Ross Dress For Less and was secretly recruited by Marshalls to be the Area Coordinator from ages 18 to 21 that was my life. Not really sure what my path was but I kept both jobs until I decided to move to Austin Texas with my father in the fall of 2005.   

    That's when real life began. I ended up working in the healthcare field anyway as a Rehab Tech for 7 years. I began attending The Art Institute in 2009 and I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree In Fine Arts For Interior Design in 2014. Yes it took me 5 years to graduate, that school was very expensive! I worked weekends and pushed through driving from Kyle to Round Rock almost everyday! Austin Texas traffic is like death on wheels so the struggle was oh so real! Anyway I ended up finding a home at Mary Dewalt Design Group for almost 6 years. I had the great opportunity of becoming the Creative Director there, until I needed a career pivot after having my son Ares, he really made me re-evaluate my work life and my ambitions. Now I am here, and I am investing in myself and I'm ready to help you invest in you! 

​   I am the Interior Designer who will add originality, value and mind-blowing

design to your space. Let's take this journey together!


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