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My Number One Rule When Buying Furniture!

(Rendered Furniture Layout)

I know I know you may feel fully capable of recognizing the styles and furniture pieces that you love. You may even feel inclined to even purchase those things because you have a space in your home where you think it will fit perfectly! Or will it?

This is one of the most problematic situations that a lot of people run into after they purchase furniture items that they just had to have. It does not fit well. Then they call the Interior Designer for suggestions on how to remedy the situation. My first thought will always be “You should have called me before you made the purchase, and we could have figured out the perfect solution!” So, you have spent your money and you are stuck with the problem. Let’s be smart and avoid these situations and consult an expert before you buy in the future.

Why do I need to ask you what to buy when I know what I want? That is a question that you may want to ask, I know! My job is to help you figure out the best furniture plan for your space. What is a furniture plan? A furniture plan is the organization of furniture pieces that impact on how comfortable, convenient, and visually pleasing a room will be. When done properly this will enhance the flow of traffic in, out and around the space and will create either a harmonious room, or one that is incompatible with its proportions or functionality and we don’t want that at all! We want our space to flow. How do we get our space to flow? We pay attention to furniture placement!

For the furniture layout to be as functional as possible we must consider the floor plan of your home. How will your new items fit into your space? What are the sizes of your existing pieces that you want to keep? So, we must always measure, measure, measure. Measure everything you can to get an accurate furniture layout. This is my #1 rule before you buy anything, MEASURE! Having a furniture layout will make the furniture buying process much easier! You will automatically know a 18” D x 30” W x 28” H night stand is your maximum measurements because you have measured the room and your bed and how much space you have between the bed and the nightstand and how tall the nightstand should be compared to your mattress height. This not only makes the furniture buying process easier it will save you time and money and will boost your confidence when you are out shopping for your home! If you are going to do it, you might as well do it right the first time! So, whenever you feel the urge to replace a furniture item or you see something that you think might fit take the time to measure you won’t regret it!

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