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5 Ways Interior Designers Can Overcome Being Overwhelmed By Social Media.

We all see it everyday. Everyone is glued to their phones including myself. We are scrolling, swiping, liking, sharing, or creating our own content to post. You know having a business and using social media to promote it can be exhausting and a little bit overwhelming.

Now don't get me wrong I love social media I remember the very beginnings of it all and I was on every social media platform you could think of. That was the thing to do. It was fun. Creating content can be not so fun sometimes. You have all of these people telling you about the algorithm. What time to post, how long to post, make a reel, add this audio, get more views, tap this, subscribe to this, try that, it's a constant battle to get more people to view your page and go to your website and pay for your services.

So I have come up with 5 ways to overcome this and just organically grow on your own. Business will always be business. It has gone on before social media and it will be there after it. Social media is definitely a tool that if used correctly, it can benefit you and your business greatly!

  1. Hire someone to do it! I'm pretty sure you have more things to do in your business on a daily basis. If this is something that you cannot give your full attention to please outsource! They have social media marketers all over ready to help you build your brand and make your presence known.

  2. Take advantage of automation tools! With AI growing rapidly it's time to use some of those platforms to help take the pressure off of coming up with content and when to post it. You can literally plan it all out in advance and let the automation work for you. So your not necessarily not creating the content but you don't have to scramble around everyday trying to post when you have other pressing things to do.

  3. Don't use it as your main tool for marketing! Like I said before, business has always been business before social media. Stop stressing about it and enjoy using it the way you have always used it. Let go of the strings and let it do it's thing for you however you see fit. I always say that someone is always watching so post when you want and take the pressure off.

  4. Get out and network! Let other businesses promote you on their social media. You never know who you will meet. They can tag you in a post or reshare a photo you post. Collaborations can happen and your business continues to be seen because you just showed up!

  5. Put the phone down! Referrals are real, email marketing, ads, good old word of mouth are important tools too.

No one wants to see their business fail and everyone wants to do the right things to get them in front of the right people. Make a plan and take it one day at a time. Adjust when needed and don't be afraid to try new things. You never know what is going to work for you. Just because one business added this trending audio to a reel and received 1 million views doesn't mean your reel will do the same. Be creative and be you. If you stay consistent and believe in your business those clients will come. Don't give up! Take a deep breath and keep on pushing forward. And always remember House Jefe is here for all your design needs!

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