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Black Hair & Professionalism

For so long I have felt trapped because of my hair. Growing up it was relaxers and braids for me. Once weave became popular I loved a good ponytail. I never really experienced my natural texture of my hair until I was in my late 20's. I have been natural for 10 years and I still struggle with my hair. Not really knowing how to care for my type of hair has been a challenge. My hair style has to be planned out I just can't get up and go.

As a professional interior designer I always wanted to be presentable whenever I had a presentation or an event to attend. I always felt judged. My previous boss had no problem commenting on what we all wore and how we presented ourselves. As a black woman working in a predominantly white industry I always stood out. My hair was always a topic of interest. It wasn't necessarily negative but there was always curiosity behind a hairstyle that I had and how long it took. Everyday I could come to work with a different hairstyle if I chose too. Some of the women said they were jealous that they couldn't really do much with their hair. They had the same style for years because that's all their hair could really do. I kind of felt bad for them that they had to be the same woman everyday.

Our hair is so versatile and that is one thing that I cherish about my hair. God gave me this vessel to live in while I'm here on Earth. I can't control the way my hair grows from my scalp. It doesn't grow down it grows up and out.

I hate that we have to get laws passed to be who God made us to be. Why do we need a crown act? My hair bothers the people so much that we have to make laws for the people to leave us alone. My hair is on my head to keep me cool and to protect my scalp from the sun. Why do you care so much about how I choose to style it? It is something that I will never understand.

My hair doesn't change my professionalism. It doesn't change the fact that I have a degree in my field of study and that I am an excellent employee and designer. We are more than our hair and it should never be considered unprofessional or distracting or whatever else excuse they make up to try and make us feel bad about our hair. No we all don't have the same hair and we all differ in many ways but we are still human beings at the end of the day. Show some respect. How would you feel?

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