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Will E-Design Takeover?

Will E- Design finally takeover the Interior Design profession? That is a question that I ask only because of

COVID-19 and the majority of people are opting to work remotely. The world has finally embraced the virtual work life but how do you social distance and be an Interior Designer? How do we stay safe and go out to a clients home and shop for the products that our clients need? Those are some questions that I have to ask myself. I'm not sure where the future of Interior Design is heading but I will take my knowledge of E-Design that I gained from Laurel & Wolf and apply it to my business structure so I can service those clients who need Interior Design help but want to stay safe during the pandemic.

E- Design is Interior Design done virtually. I find this service very helpful during these times and it is also a very good choice for those clients who already have a design flair or an expert DIYer who needs help seeing the full picture or just pulling the trigger on a design decision. That is where I come in and help them visually see there space and help lead them in the right direction to satisfy their design needs. It is definitely more of a collaborative effort between the designer and the client. It is also a more convenient and affordable approach to traditional Interior Design that opens up the designers availability to service anyone in the world who has a design dilemma and access to wifi. It also gives those who would have never thought they could afford Interior Design services the opportunity to do so because design should be available to everyone. Those who can't afford design services are the ones who really need design service the most, in order to improve the quality of their lives and their living spaces. At the end of the day that is why I am an Interior Designer. I am excited about my E-Design journey and I welcome all to come along this journey with me. It is only 1- click away!

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