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Tips for living in your home when it is for sale.

So... we are doing this now and it began as a stressful journey but as we have gotten used to how our days go it has become much easier. I understand why people would opt to move out of their home during the sale but living in your home is definitely doable. Also you spend all this time and money upgrading your space you should definitely enjoy your last moments living there before you leave it all behind.

Since we decluttered our home keeping it clean has been much more easier. My cleaning process has always been pretty efficient and effective. I mean even my 4 year old is on board and understands when it's show time!! I'm not going to lie I was worried about him and all of his toys but it hasn't been bad at all. So here are a few tips that I can share with you if you are thinking about selling your house and remaining there until it it sold.

Top 5 Tips!!

  1. Declutter as much as possible. The less you have the less you have to maintain. Pack it up and move it out.

  2. Start a routine. We have an 1 hour window before someone can come and see the house to give us time to get everything in order.

  3. Use 1 bathroom. We are a family of 3 and sometimes 4 but we all manage just fine in one bathroom. I have a frameless glass shower in my primary bathroom and I can't maintain that glass on a daily.

  4. Have a bag for all your electronics, or lock all your valuable things you don't want to leave out in a safe. Grab your bag on the way out and take it with you whenever you have to leave.

  5. Plan ahead for places you would like to go so you can hit the road. I will say it has been really easy to do fun activities with the kids since it is the summer months. We also have a lot of family around so we can always go spend time with someone.

That is pretty much all I have at the moment. If anything else comes up in the mean time I will update you on it all. Wish us luck!!

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