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The Next Chip & Joanna Gaines

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Yes, that used to be what I would say to my husband back when I was just starting my interior design career. I was always saying babe, we should work together and be the next Chip & Joanna. He would always say no, I'm not doing that. I mean he definitely doesn't have the construction background but we could definitely be a hell of a team. There isn't much that he can't do or learn to do. That's one thing I do know. Over these past few years he has definitely expanded his handyman skill set and I think the more we take on and do ourselves the better we will get. It's such a blessing to have a partner that is really a team player. We absolutely work well together in everything that we do. He sees things that I don't see and thinks differently about obstacles and opportunities. He brings his logical and analytical thinking to the table but he also has a creative side. He is a way out the box thinking kind of man, and sometimes I have to reel him back in.

Every project is not always smooth sailing but when we do have a disagreement we can come up with a solution and that's the most important part of working with your significant other. You both have to be willing to communicate and work out any problems together. This is how we choose to do life. We do it together. Listening to one another and finding that middle ground when necessary. It's not always a compromise sometimes I'm absolutely right and sometimes he is. He has definitely come around and is my design assistant, accountant, contractor, and marketer when needed. He is invested in our business together and even took a detour off his path to take the real estate exam to become a realtor so we can work together more.

Eventually we would like to flip a couple of properties or possibly get a show on HGTV. I mean the possibilities are endless right? HGTV what I got to do to get a show? I hope we continue to grow together and grow our business and together we welcome you all to House Jefe!

If you are looking to sell, buy, rent, remodel, furnish, paint or build a new home let us join you on your journey!

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