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The love of teal is real!

As I look at my clients, I notice that a lot of them want teal or turquoise in their interiors. Now, anyone who knows me knows that turquoise and teal are my favorite colors. I have a lot of previous projects with teal and turquoise on my website, and my home is full of these colors. I said to myself, "Why does everyone want this color?" But I really don't have to ask. It's just an amazing happy medium between green and blue. It's a color that is lively and sophisticated at the same time.

Now if you ever see me posting someone getting a wall or an entire house painted in teal, it is NOT because I suggested it. Clients seek me out because I'm not afraid to use color. I am here to serve my clients and to give them what they want, but also make sure that their interior spaces are stylish, functional and cohesive. I'm all for color. The more the better!

Our world is full of beauty and color and I encourage all my clients to embrace it and bring it inside! I am well versed in the art of interior design and if the people want teal and turquoise then I'm going to give it to them! I like it when I get a chance to work with someone who is just as excited about color as I am. I enjoy collaborating and coming up with the best execution of all of our colorful ideas.

I am big on color psychology and how colors make us feel. Teal promotes emotional healing and spiritual enlightenment. It is a revitalizing and rejuvenating color that also represents open communication and clarity of thought. Who wouldn't want that in a life where things are always changing and can be quite chaotic sometimes? What colors resonate with you?

If you are looking for tips and advice or you are ready to open your world to the colors of life then you should reach out and come on this beautiful design journey with House Jefe!

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