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Plant Mama

So I was always the one who didn't have a green thumb, or so I thought. Before COVID I had a few opportunities to work on my green thumb but I just knew that it was something that I didn't have time for. Right before COVID hit I had the opportunity to walk away from my career and be a stay at home mom. I jumped on that quickly and now I am a plant mama!

Indoor plants are the best! Not only do they look great, they make you

feel great and aid in your indoor air quality. We all know that we need that now since the pandemic. Crazy times I know!

Now I also happed to start a garden as well but we will address that full time job another day. As for my plants I am proud to say that I do have a green thumb and I even get asked for plant advice and tips! I know right? Me? I couldn't believe what I was hearing! I was thinking to myself I don't know I just do my research and give it try. Now I am sad to say that not all of my plants have survived in my care but more have survived then died. So I would say I'm doing a great job right? I think so.

Since my journey began I have seen all of these self watering planters, and this company Easyplant! I was thinking why the heck didn't I think to look for this first? Maybe my money tree, and fiddle leaf fig tree could have survived... I'm not sure. I do know that I did get a little heavy on the watering of those plants. But all is well in my home. I have 12 plants that I am currently loving on. They are thriving and they make me very happy. I use this app called Picture This

to help me stay on task and remember to water and fertilize them. I love that app. I would be in trouble with out it.

One of my go to plant stores online is Costa Farms. They ship quickly and if you have a problem with the plants they have great customer service. Also Home Depot has really good deals. You can find Costa Farms plants on Amazon, Wayfair, Walmart and Home Depot by the way.

It can be an expensive venture if you go too crazy. They make so many cute planters and stands. You want them all! The only reason I stopped buying plants is because I have no where to put them lol but I will never stop being a plant mama it is good for your soul. If you are thinking about it do it! Golden pothos are so easy to care for and they are definitely my go to starter plant for anyone who thinks they don't have a green thumb!

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