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Mind Over Matter

The phrase “mind over matter” is a well-known phrase that has been used throughout the times. When you think about the phrase it can be a source of empowerment. Do we really believe or even think that the human mind is that powerful that it conquers all that could matter? Could that phrase truly be the source to the human’s will power and ability to do unimaginable things that we as humans believe are impossible? Exactly what does the “mind over matter” phrase means or represents? “Many people debate the meaning of the term mind over matter. Some believe it only deals with practices such as putting the Law of Attraction to work in your life, while others believe it deals with any ability that uses mind power or mind energy to affect change within your physical world.” (Telekinesis) It is the belief that the mind is more powerful than the body. (Wikipedia)

Our thoughts, attitudes, beliefs, and emotions influence our state of general health and even our survival.(Hardner) Most people don't realize the extent to which their mind has control over their own body. It shouldn't be surprising, as the distinction we make between the brain and the body is somewhat artificial: they are both intimately connected. The brain is part of the nervous system, which reaches out throughout the body, and the brain controls production of hormones and releases chemicals associated with different emotional states.( Hardner) Our minds are the control center of our bodies that have to be trained and used constantly in order to obtain such abilities to control our reality. Mind over matter does exist and can be seen throughout the world through different aspects of life. A lot of people refer to the mind over matter when dealing with health issues. Some say that they can and have willed themselves well. I think that mind over matter also plays a factor in “the self-fulfilling prophecy” as well. Looking into these different aspects of the phrase I definitely believe in mind over matter and that it is something that we all should tap into everyday of our lives in order to make a positive change in our lives and reach those pinnacles in life that seem to be unattainable.

Looking into The Law of Attraction it simply says that you attract into your life whatever you think about. Your dominant thoughts will find a way to manifest. (Pavlina) When looking at mind over matter when it’s used with the Law of Attraction it is said to be that your desire is formed first into words that your mind can then send out to the universe to attract that desire to you. The thought of the desire is a form of energy and the thought sent out is energy also. People differ on whether the two energies are the same or different. (Telekinesis) People sometimes say that if you put positive or negative energy out into the world then that is what you’re going to get in return. “As human beings, we are born with abilities that far surpass those of every animal on earth.” (Hardner) And the mind is as we say a terrible thing to waste. “If it is true that we think, and therefore we are, then let us think good thoughts.” (Pavlina)

Understanding the mental power of the mind that you have and using it can bring you everything you want. “Minds are found in bodies - usually human ones but also those of other animals and increasingly, in inorganic entities like computers. Sometimes, as in the young the minds appear to change on their own; at other times individuals themselves consciously change their minds.” (Gardner62) Increasing mind power is something anyone can do. “Your mind is your most precious asset yet most people treat it like it doesn't matter. Most don't even understand that the conscious mind and subconscious mind are two different things and the two don't always want the same things or even work together. Scientists and Doctors say we only use nine to eleven percent of our brains or mental power. Just think how much better your life could be if you learned to use just five percent more of your mental faculties.” ( Mental Power and The Mind) The possibilities would be limitless.

People can and have used mind over matter to walk on fire, heal themselves from disease, for hypnosis, and all sorts of psychological aspects of life. Learning how to use this way of thinking can change a person’s life for the good and for the bad if used in the wrong way. I think that people should be encouraged to do so and maybe they will have a little bit more success and be happier because their mind believes it and therefore it exists. No one really knows the ultimate power of the brain due to the many complex unknown areas that science is still trying to understand and breakdown. The good life as we know it could just be ours by simply focusing our attention powerfully and persistently on what we desire. (Bernard 31) Using our mind the way it was designed to be used. To battle and to overcome to achieve what you want out of life. “Your thoughts will shape your situation. They will direct your actions, determine the opportunities that come your way, and affect the outcome of the things you attempt. If you want to change your position in life then you must change your thoughts.” (Bernard 36) Everything always begins with just a thought.


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