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Budget Friendly Decor

If you know me you know that I am a lover of all things Ross Dress For Less!! Not because I'm frugal but this was my first job. I will always have a special place in my heart for Ross. With inflation at an all time high budget friendly is always a win in my book. Places like Ross, TJ Max, Marshalls, Home Goods, and Burlington just make finding these deals even easier.

I was 18 when I started working at Ross. I left for a year when I went to college after summer break and came back after winter break and never went back to college until I was 25. During that time I worked my way up from cashier to front end supervisor. I was just 21 with the keys to the store! I couldn't believe it. My boss thought I was such a great worker and she even referred me to the managers at Marshalls. They recruited me to come and be a visual merchandiser for their womens, juniors, and accessories department. I kept both jobs at the time but because of my work experience in these places I know that there is always a treasure to be found!

The products are typically the same products that were offered at full-price in other big retail stores and sometimes consist of past-season and discontinued styles, returns, excess inventory and, slightly irregular items. Hence the deals!

It is just fine to mix and match the low end with the high end. Over the years I have been seeing more and more furniture pieces on the sales floor. I showcase a lot of products from Ross on my FunFindFriday posts on Instagram. From accessories to furniture. It is nice to not have to break the bank to find something nice for your home. Sometimes you can find some of the same things in different stores for double the price! You can get really lucky if you need a particular number of items and you have more than one Ross in your traveling area you can go around and collect them all from different stores. It really is a treasure hunt.

I always find something whether it's a pair of shoes, a jacket, or an accent chair. If I really don't need it but I really like it and could use it, I always walk away and come back to it. If it is still there then I say it was meant to be! So if you are looking for budget friendly decor go check out these stores! You will be surprised at what you stumble upon and remember if you need any tips or advice I am just one call, email, text or dm away!! Happy Shopping!

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