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Are Accent Walls In or Out?

For a moment I thought this would be a thing but they are absolutely here to stay! I am a advocate for color everywhere. Don't get me wrong paint is not the only way to accent a wall. It is definitely the most affordable way. You have wallpaper, trim details, murals, and gallery walls. Different combinations of them all can really change a space.

Color in general is becoming more of a must have in my opinion. I love seeing entire rooms painted the same color especially when the ceiling is included. It just makes the room feel like you are in another world. We want to add drama and get out of the all white everything!

The world is full of color so bring it into your home. Don't be afraid! To decide which wall you want to make an accent wall, look at the entire room to see which wall grabs your attention, if there are any built-in room features, or any existing focal points they can also be yor accent wall. An accent wall does not have to be just a solid color. You can use pattern and texture not only with paper but with fabric, tile or wood.

Accent walls should support existing focal points you want to preserve, not create a battle for attention. Choose a color for your accent wall because it works with your space, not because it's trendy. You have unlimited options of the things you can do to create interest on your walls and ceiling! Remember if you try it and you don't like it you can change it. If you try it and love it do it again! Explore your creativity and enjoy the spaces you are in!

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