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10 Tips When DIYing With Your Partner!

I know that we all may have been here at one point in our lives in our marriage or relationships. We see something on HGTV, Instagram, or TikTok and we say to ourselves...Oh if they can do that we can totally do it! Now speaking from experience sometimes you are right! You can absolutely do it but how well do you and your partner really work together is really the question at hand.

A lot of us can measure, read and follow directions. Most of us are handy with tools and some projects are just a no brainer but did you take into account you and your partners limits?? How reluctant they are to even start the project and your history of completing projects should be a key factor in whether or not a project with your partner is something to take on. Also will this be something that you could do by yourself if things don't go as planned? Now if all of these bring red flags then I would suggest hiring a professional. Now if you two are the dream team or somewhere in between here are My top 10 tips for a successful DIY project with your partner.

  1. Make a plan together. Both people need to know exactly how this plan is going to work and what each person will be mostly responsible for.

  2. Make a list of the supplies, have a budget and stick to it as much as possible.

  3. If you have children make a plan for them to be away, busy or if they are old enough to participate give them a job to do as well.

  4. Eat! Have plans for nourishment, there is something about a lack of food and working that just makes everyone hangry!

  5. Do your research! Look into the brands of the materials you want to use where you can purchase them, if they are in stock or you need to order it. Get everything organized and situated before you begin.

  6. Be patient with one another. It's so easy to fuss and fight when you are trying to complete a task and it isn't working out the way you had planned. Don't point the finger just come up with solutions.

  7. Accept that it will never be perfect!

  8. Have fun with each other. Say loving things while your working or even playful touches and lots of kisses.

  9. Take a break when needed. I know I personally like to get started and get done but sometimes my husband is on break and sometimes I run out of gas and it's perfectly okay.

  10. Document the process and take a selfie or two or three. This is something that you will always remember and can look back on and laugh at and be proud of what you both can accomplish together.


I will never forget when my mom and dad where rearranging their bedroom furniture and my mom was just going on and on about how my dad was not doing something correctly. At that time my siblings and I were old enough to know when to get out of the way. All 5 of us were in the hall hanging out and we had the video camera and we were recording them because that's what we used to do at that time in our lives. My dad got so frustrated with her that he just yelled shut up! It was so loud and so funny! We all busted out laughing and she was pissed! She stormed out of the room and quit! That moment lives rent free in my head and I crack up laughing every time I think about it. To this very day we can mention it by yelling shut up the way my dad did and we all just start laughing. She hates it but it's hilarious! Precious moments they had no idea they were creating for us!

My husband and I have tackled a few projects ourselves and I know he isn't as patient with me when he has had enough of me bossing him around. Updating our pantry almost caused us to get divorced! (not really, but really) it was a challenge! Now as we look back at what we have done in our home we just laugh about it. We have learned a lot about each other while doing these projects together and I enjoy working with him even when he makes me want to cause him harm lol! We really do make a great team.

Just remember that House Jefe is always here for your design needs and no matter the outcome do your best and love the process!

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